Fine GOLDBLACK leather accessory. Exclusive premium leather products

Enjoy our highly fashionable colourful and shaped GOLDBLACK genuine leather assortment

Our wide range of premium accessory is made of selected leather that delights with an even structure. Its outstanding quality is guaranteed by being solely manufactured at European locations. Therefore, you savour our truly special leather accessory standing out with its timeless elegance, a virtual functionality and of course the selected design of our exclusive brand GOLDBLACK.

Cleaning and Care

Our leather accessories are made of beautiful genuine leathers that are tanned to give each accessory a natural and depending on the model a soft feel. Grain and sligt differences of color are characteristics of genuine leather and are unique to each accessory.

Please note that different leathers will react differently to dyes and wear, and the accessory can change appearance over time.

WIth normal use, the accessory can become slouchy and soft ( depeding on model). Careful care is recommended since contact with lacquer, perfume or anything containing alcohol can cause damage. Keeping your accessory away from direct sunlight, heat, humidity and water will extend the life of it. Exposure to makeup, oil, dyes and dark denim can stain the leather and be difficult to remove.

As with all quality leather and be difficult to remove.